We have a photo of our fonts that are available on each item.  So just slide the main image and you can see all of the other images to see the photo of the fonts available for that item.  You can also see full details of each individual font we offer here: https://wickedlymod.com/pages/font-choices

we have 2 favorite fonts when we are engraving bar necklaces and those are Fun Thick Script and Handprint.  Both engrave beautifully.

As per the instructions, just place a comma where you want the name separator.  If you have more than 2 names, we do not recommend hearts before and after the names - that option is mostly for one name.

Thin Script and Trendy are pretty fonts but they are very thin fonts. So when we are engraving multiple names, we have to (sometimes) manipulate the font to fit and thus making the fonts even thinner and thus very hard to read.  1 to 2 names look pretty good as long as they aren't 10 - 15 character long each name.

We do have the measurements in the description of each item.  And we post lots of customers wearing our jewelry on our Wickedly Mod Instagram page: http://www.instagram.com/wickedly_mod

Please read the description which will show what materials.  We primarily make all jewelry with sterling silver, gold filled or rose gold filled.  There are a few items that are made with stainless steel or may have plated components which will be stated in the description as well.

We use a brushed finish on our pieces.  We find brushed finishes does not show wear as easily over time.

We are excited to now offer 2 options for chains.  The chain included in the prices for most items are our thin cable chain.  This is a delicate cable chain.*  The new option is a double rope chain and this is definitely thicker and little more sturdy for someone who is rougher on their jewelry.  

*This chain honestly has held up for years without breakage on one of our founder's son's girlfriend's necklace.  She wears her necklace EVERY single day and has never had any issues.  We should just say she's her daughter ;-) as you see her in many of my photos on our jewelry Instagram page and we take a lot of her photos for her fashion Instagram page.

No we do not.  We have a high end laser machine with it's own separate program.  Photos are provided of the font with every letter available for you to see so you can determine which font looks best with your name(s).  We cannot be responsible if you are unhappy with your chosen font so be highly recommend viewing each letter in your font.

We are lucky as a blog we follow posted a great info graphic that will help explain the benefits of gold-filled vs gold plated.


Information on sterling silver and tarnish is on the product care card included with every order.  We also include a pro-polish pad with sterling silver orders so you can keep your sterling silver necklace clean.  We also include an anti-tarnish tab and an anti-tarnish bag to keep it safe and tarnish resistant while you aren't wearing your special piece.  There is also a product care card in each order or you can read it all here: https://wickedlymod.com/pages/product-care

We have 2 options on the shop:

1. Pro-polish pad (this is the white square that comes with every order but you can order more to clean your jewelry): https://wickedlymod.com/products/pro-polish-pads-and-anti-tarnish-tabs

2. Sunshine cloth: https://wickedlymod.com/products/sunshine-polishing-cloth

Please NO! We don't ever recommend wearing any necklaces and bracelets to bed or shower. Most of our items we create are delicate. They are made of sterling silver, gold-filled and rose gold-filled. Sterling silver will tarnish over time. Bathing and swimming may ruin your jewelry over time. Wearing in bed may tangle the chains and even break them.

Our chains have a 30 day warranty but if you are out of the warranty range, we can replace your necklace with the purchase of a new chain.  Just contact us so we can send you information on how to purchase.

If you ordered a necklace or a chain that isn't the thin cable or double rope from our Etsy shop, please contact us as some chains cannot be fixed and have to be repurchased.


As most of our items are personalized to your specifications, we have processing times to create your own piece.  Our processing time for Wickedly Mod original designed items is approximately 2 - 5 BUSINESS DAYS (Business days to not include weekends or holidays).  This is how long it takes BEFORE we ship.  Our fulfillment time for clothing and other accessories is 1 - 3 business days.  This time may increase during holidays (such as Mother's Day and Christmas)

We have all of that detailed information on this page so you can calculate when you can expect your order: https://wickedlymod.com/pages/when-will-my-order-arrive

We sure do!  Your shipping options will be available at checkout.

Yes we do!  We currently offer free shipping in the United States for orders over $75, over $125 for Canada and all other international countries for orders over $150.

We do offer rush service that you can purchase here: https://wickedlymod.com/products/rush-service

It starts at $50 for 2 day processing and $75 for 1 day processing.  

You have choices of the following:

1. RUSH 1 day (this means that you order will be created and shipped within 1 BUSINESS DAY of your order).  So if you order RUSH on Monday, your order will go out Tuesday.  If you order Friday, your order will go out Monday.

2. RUSH 2 day (this means that you order will be created and shipping within 2 BUSINESS DAYS of your order)  So if you order RUSH on Monday, your order will go out Wednesday.  If you order Friday, your order will go out Tuesday.

You will be able to choose your shipping method (the amount of time it takes for USPS to deliver) at checkout.

For international customers all customs and duty fees are the responsibility of the customer.  We have no control over any fees your country may charge.  Please note that there may be a delay with your delivery due to customs - you will be provided with a tracking number which you can contact your local postal service for details if delayed.


If the error is ours with the information you provided, we will of course fix it free of charge and we will send you a prepaid mailing label to send the item back.  We may need it back before we can ship a new item to you.  We want you to get what you purchased quickly so no worries!  

If you provided incorrect information, just contact us so we can provide a solution for you.  We don't want you to have to purchase an entire new item - it may be as easy as engraving on the back fee or just purchasing the bar/loop/etc (not the entire item again) so just simply contact us

If you have a coupon code, just enter it in the discount code section at checkout and hit the apply button.  All discounts must be added at the time of order.

Sorry no we cannot.  Coupons and discounts must be entered at the time of purchase.  Please note coupons and discounts cannot be added after a purchase is made.  But many of our coupons are one time use only so you can use it on a future purchase.

Sorry we do not accept cancellations for Wickedly Mod personalized items.  We tend to work fairly quickly and therefore cancellations are not accepted due to the personalization of your items.  If there are any changes to your order after we have personalized your item, you will incur a 25% remake fee of original product purchase price plus any price different for new item desired (if different from original product purchased).

For all clothing or other accessories orders, be sure to contact us immediately since we ship quickly.  If your order has been packaged and out for shipment, we cannot cancel it.

Please contact us as soon as possible so we might be able to catch it before engraving or shipment of fashion items.  If there are any changes to your order after we have personalized your item, you will incur a 25% remake fee of original product purchase price plus any price different for new item desired (if different from original product purchased).  If it is just a chain length change, contact us to see if it is in the same price range you purchased.  We will have to manually write it on the order and we will do our best to make sure the change is made.  For clothing sizes, we cannot guarantee we will have a different size so make sure to contact us immediately to see if we can accommodate your change.

Full details on returns and exchanges can be found here: Returns & Exchanges